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Google Analytics Tag Validation For The Complete Site Within 14 Days.

The Need

We received an unusual request from the client to validate Google Analytics tags on all the pages in their website within a duration of 14 business days. The website was scheduled to be redesigned and as part of the process, pages had to be validated to ensure appropriate Google Analytics tagging.

The request was rare and complex considering the scale and timeline of the project. The challenge was to assemble a robust team with appropriate training and then focus on delivering quality output within the given timelines.

About Client

The client is a Fortune 500 company in the energy and aviation industry. Nabler helped the client in validating all the pages on their website and ensured appropriate Google Analytics tagging. The tagging also helped the clients to get traffic to its website through organic search.

The Approach

Nabler followed a project management process which focused on effective time utilization and process efficiency through appropriate scheduling and training techniques. Nabler took up the challenge to form such a team and deliver the task within expected timelines.

The project was completed in two phases:

  • Validation of the website while hosted on the development server Validation was done sequentially for each section, after the redesign of the respective section.
  • Validation of the live website During this phase validation was carried out simultaneously for all sections.

Key project highlights:

  • The client had given the approximate number of pages for each section of the website; this enabled us to do accurate scheduling.
  • The required man hours were estimated and a team of 14 Analysts and 5 Senior Analysts was shortlisted based on their level of expertise in tag validation.
  • The website was broken into eight sub sections, and the categories within the subsections were also listed down.
  • Typically, analysts use various validation tools based on their comfort level and client’s specifications; however, in this project only one validation tool was used to certify superior output delivery as a team.
  • Analysts validated the assigned categories and updated the results on the template. Once completed, the senior analysts conducted a thorough quality audit on the category to ensure that all pages were validated.
  • The validation during Phase 1 was done step-by-step after the implementation of each section and completed in nine days.
  • Phase 2 was initiated a week later when the site went live and was completed in five days.

The Benefits

  • The entire project with appropriate documentation was wrapped up in a matter of 14 business days, based on a final confirmation from the client that the implementation and validation was completed successfully.
  • The project gave great advantage to the client in terms of expecting high delivery output while not being concerned about identifying a pool of resources with appropriate subject knowledge within a short span of time.
  • Proper tagging helped the client get traffic to the website through organic search results.
  • We kept the client’s site up-to-date and consistent in presentation.
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