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Taking India's largest online cross-classifieds company

After a series of remarkable success stories, evaluation, and a lot of documentation, Nabler was successfully chosen as one of the few in India and Asia to be Google Analytics Premium (Analytics 360) Partners and Resellers in April 2015. Click here to find us on Google’s Listings. This proud moment meant reinstating Nabler’s values in terms of responsible, insightful and actionable assistance to clients who wanted to go the extra mile in measuring their business efficiently, especially while using Google’s Analytics Premium.

About Client

Our client is one of India’s largest cross-classified online platforms that caters to all the major digital properties (desktop website, mobile website, Android App, iOS App and Windows App) to maximize their reach to the audience and beat the competition from both domestic and international players.

The Challenge

When the client approached us they were at the initial stages of what Nabler defines as the Digital Maturity Curve. They were still struggling to measure user behavior accurately because they didn’t trust the data. Firstly, they lacked confidence in the existing Google Analytics implementation; and secondly, the sheer volume of data that was flowing in was beyond the limits of the standard Google Analytics, causing sampling problems and data inaccuracy.

measurement with GA360

Nabler’s Approach

measurement with GA360
  • KPI Discovery Session: We conducted end-to-end KPI discovery sessions with stakeholders, covering Marketing, Analytics, Monetization, and Individual Product Teams, to understand what they wanted to track about their business and how do they measure the success of any action they take.
  • Detailed Audit: The KPI discovery session was followed by one of the most exhaustive audit exercises possible for 5 verticals spreading to over 12 categories for every property (desktop, m-site, Android app, iOS app and Windows App).
  • Solution Design Reference: The audit was followed by development of more than 250 use cases for each of the categories over the 5 platforms covering all the essential events, custom tagging, and variable mapping required for the KPI capture. We added value from our experience of working on similar advanced mining projects.
  • Recommendation and Best Practices: The audit ended with a comprehensive documentation on all the loopholes, suboptimal practices, corrective measures, and industry level best practices.
  • Integration: We helped the client in integrating their Google Analytics Premium with other Google Marketing Tools like DoubleClick, AdWords and BigQuery, which assisted them in remarketing activities and advance analytics.
  • Implementation: The client was running Classic Google Analytics and the migration to Universal Analytics was equipped completely through Google Tag Manager. We upgraded their existing data-layer, carefully triggering the rules and passing complex relational custom dimensions and metrics to take data tracking, mining and action to a new level.

The Outcomes

  • Accurate Data Collection: With Google’s state-of-the-art premium product and best-in-the-industry data tracking recommendations, our client now has a much cleaner view of user actions on all their platforms.
  • Latest GA Library: Leveraging various advanced features of Universal Analytics, like User-ID and BigQuery, the client increased Custom Dimensions/Metric count to expand the analytics horizon.
  • Custom Tracking: In-depth understanding of user actions led to capturing of the minutest of call-to-actions, providing much deeper view into user behavior. This included detailed form tracking, setting up of custom funnels and intelligence events.
  • Data Ready for Data Science: We value the importance of advanced analytics and keeping that in mind we enabled additional data capture options like ad slot, position, scroll and clicks, etc., that are being modeled for better ad view ability and placements.
  • Easy Code Maintenance using GTM: Nabler’s implementation team leveraged GTM which has made the process of maintenance, upgrade and deployment of codes a much smoother exercise for the client.
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