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A customer success story

Taking a news platform towards better measurement


The Brand

A large news platform that caters to all major digital properties, including desktop and mobile websites, and Android and iOS apps.



A lack of confidence in data that impacted the way decisions were being made.

Multiple web and mobile property data that needed to be unified. 

The volume of data was beyond the limits of standard Google analytics, causing sampling problems and data inaccuracy.

Extremely competitive landscape that demanded a sense urgency.

Our design approach

ETV Approach
ETV Approach
KPI Discovery Session

End-to-end KPI discovery sessions cover Marketing, Analytics, Monetization, and Individual Product Teams, to understand what to track and how do they measure the success.

Detailed Audit

Exhaustive audit of four verticals and 12 categories across desktop, m-site, and Android and iOS apps.

Solution Design Reference

The audit is followed by the development of more than 150 use cases across the four platforms, which covers essential events, custom tagging, and variable mapping required for KPI capture.


We integrate Google Analytics 360 with other platforms like Firebase analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Big Query.


Universal analytics implemention is done through GTM and data layer as well as firebase analytics on the mobile apps.


All data flow into the Google Analytics property is validated in the staging environment before being pushed to production. For mobile apps, Big Query is used to find user activity details.


Create and configure dashboards on Data Studio with all key metrics and dimensions.

ETV Approach
ETV solution

The solution

Unified platform to track user data across all properties

ETV Approach
A look into user actions

Gain a comprehensive view of user actions on all platforms using Google’s state-of-the-art premium products like Google Analytics 360, Firebase Analytics, and Big-Query.

Leverage Google Analytics

Use features like universal analytics, Big Query user-ID and session-ID. Maximize custom dimensions/metrics to capture business context.

ETV Approach
ETV Approach
Custom Tracking

Capture the smallest call-to-actions for an even deeper understanding of user behavior.

Auto Tracking

Automatically collect events triggered by basic app interactions. With Firebase SDK, no additional code is required to collect these events.

ETV Approach
ETV Approach
Easy Code Maintenance

Leverage Google Tag Manager to make the process code maintenance, upgrades, and deployment easier.

ETV Outcome

The outcome

User Retention
ETV outcome

Learn online vs. offline campaign effectiveness based on user retention numbers to shift budgets accordingly.

Campaign Tracking
ETV outcome

Measure field agents’ performance over a 30-, 60-, or 90-day periods to incentivize them.

Portal and Language Usage
ETV outcome

Language localization tracking across various platforms to be able to find: – The most used language- Content related insights- Location-based information

Video Performance Metrics
ETV outcome

Find the best performing video category and use the insights to create more relevant content.

Top Engaged Categories
ETV outcome

Identify top-performing content topics and use the ad space for better CPM performance.

Language Change Selection
ETV outcome

Multi-language switch event tracking helps create a better user experience and content recommendations.

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