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The Benefits of a Google Analytics Training Course

Google Analytics (GA) is a web tool that tracks performance and performs in-depth analysis of your website. It also provides multiple options to follow key metrics to track your marketing objectives. A GA Training Course can help users easily set up the tool and start tracking insights. Let’s first discuss the fundamentals of GA and its benefits.

GA offers different levels of complexity. Like most tools, the more time you spend with it, the easier it becomes, and the more users will get out of it. GA easily integrates with other Google services perfectly, giving you a marketing edge by simultaneously tracking performance.

GA provides insights into how a website or app performs. It is used to track objectives and unearth thoughtful insights of how visitors locate a site, their activity on the site, and if objectives are met. This information makes it easier to craft an efficient marketing plan. With this web data and predictive model of how your actions will perform, you can increase the return on investment (ROI) of your website and businesses.

A business can only be successful by reacting quickly to shifting business needs and challenges. Web data can surface what trends are happening on your website. With this analysis, you can formulate a sound digital marketing strategy, and have the right tools in place. Today, analytics tools like GA have become essential to understanding the status of your online performance. 

Google Analytics Benefits

  • Track online traffic
  • Analyze and understand user behavior
  • Get in-built data reports and option to customize reports with desired KPIs
  • Improve online ads with marketing analytics
  • Conversion tracking to track the required conversions
  • Segment the users effectively
  • Improve SEO and content marketing
  • Understand your Target Group
  • eCommerce performance analysis
  • Track goals
  • Suggestions to improve performance
  • Discover the right platforms for marketing

Who Can Benefit from an Online Google Analytics Training Course

  • Digital strategists
  • Digital Marketers
  • SEO Managers
  • Digital Analyst
  • UX Practitioners
  • Content Creators

Why Choose Nabler as your learning partner

Nabler, is an award-winning Digital Analytics Agency, with a team of experienced professionals who are well versed in the technical understanding of data and marketing analytics platforms. This training is best suited for those who are new to web analytics or want to improve their understanding of Google analytics reports, tools, and capabilities. The Google Analytics Training course has been divided into two categories: Basic and Advanced.

Business Benefits of learning Basic GA

  • Learn key concepts and terminology
  • Identify the business benefits of Google Analytics
  • Identify the main reports that add value to your business
  • Learn how to navigate Google Analytics reports with a hands-on walkthrough of the Google Merchandise Store Google Analytics Demo Account, a real ecommerce website using live data.
  • Manipulate reports to extract data and answer business questions
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers

Business Benefits of learning Advanced GA

  • Configure your GA account following Google’s best practices
  • Create Custom Dimensions and Metrics for your reports, segments, and remarketing lists
  • Audit any existing GA account
  • Leverage admin features of GA
  • Control lesser-known features to quickly find the data you need
  • Further customize Google Analytics to report on what’s most meaningful to your business


Google Analytics can help you analyze the visitor’s behavior and how they are interacting with your business. This will be useful to see any trends across a certain time frame. With the help of data collected in GA, you can find out which campaign has been most efficient and plan for future marketing campaigns. Google Analytics training helps individuals understand the process of gathering, reporting, and acting based on the data collected from website and app. With the help of a skilled web analytics professional, you can learn how to provide independent insights that helps any organization to utilize the information which Google Analytics provides.

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