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The Benefits of Google Tag Manager Training

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tag management system that allows you to manage and deploy marketing tags on your website or mobile app without having to modify any code. GTM comes with many benefits that makes it handy to manage lots of tags. Now GTM has become a very important practice in web analytics. If you are new to it, you can learn more with specified Google Tag Manager Training courses. These courses will help familiarize you with the setup and tracking of GTM.

Is Google Tag Manager Only for Techies?

With its easy-to-use functionality, GTM is designed for non-programmers, but still takes time to become proficient. It does require some basic knowledge of programming language. There are three main parts to Google Tag Manager:

  • Tags: Tags are code snippets of JavaScript or tracking pixels. These send information to perform a specific action within a webpage. In other words, these tags tell GTM what to do and how to do it.
  • Triggers: This tells Google Tag Manager when, where, or how to fire a tag. Triggers determine whether a tag is active and functioning. For example, if you want a user to see a form when they enter your website, a trigger activates the tag that will make that form appear.
  • Variables: These are the values used, the information necessary for Google Tag Manager to operate tags and triggers correctly.

Types of common triggers in Google Tag Manager:

  • Pageviews
  • Links clicks
  • Form submissions
  • Scroll depth
  • Custom events

Some of the major benefits of Google Tag Manager:

  • Removes the need for editing the website code multiple times
  • Contains everything is in one place
  • Test and deploy tags faster
  • Advanced analytics tracking
  • Easy updates and a future-proofed website
  • Built-in features to test and debug updates on your website
  • Free to use

Why Choose Nabler as your learning partner

Nabler, an award-winning Digital Analytics Agency, is well-versed in the technical understanding of data and marketing analytics platforms. This training is best suited for those who are new to web analytics or want to improve their understanding of GTM. Learn how enterprise tag management platforms enable reliable and fast site tagging — from QA to debug to launch. The Google Tag Manager Training course has been divided into two categories: Basic and Advanced.

Business Benefits of learning Basic GTM

The Basic GTM course is designed for users with prior Query/JavaScript, and HTML knowledge. It is recommended that attendees are familiar with Google Analytics.

  • Learn how enterprise tag management platforms enable fast and reliable site tagging
  • Set up and configure Google Tag Manager
  • Track custom website actions
  • Troubleshoot tags and triggers issues
  • Describe data layer benefits and customize it for tracking

Business Benefits of Advanced GTM

The Advanced GTM course is designed for users with prior jQuery/JavaScript experience and already understand GTM and its components.

  • Implement tags on your website in accordance with best practices
  • Understand the importance of an implementation strategy and learn key concepts for developing a data collection plan for your organization
  • Measure custom actions
  • Firing additional tags including Google Ads and custom HTML tags
  • Using environments to test tags before publishing

GTM helps in improving marketing by giving insights into analyzing the change in website activity. Get a clearer picture of how new content and CTAs are performing. With GTM, you’ll get these insights to better analyze your website analytics to make more informed decisions and improve the performance of your website.

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