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2021 Higher Education Marketing Trends

The education industry is going through a similar upheaval that the retail industry faced at the advent of internet. This new standard began before the pandemic but has drastically accelerated in the last year. Now is the time to reevaluate your data, find missed opportunities, and better guide students through their journey.

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Intent Scoring

Intent score
Intent Scoring Models: Find Your Leads

It’s essential for marketers to identify highly interested and convertible prospects during the same website visit. One cannot rely on offline engagement and nurturing processes to drive conversions. Today’s higher education marketer needs real-time content personalization to convert as many website visitors as possible.

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Student Journey Planner

Student Journey Planning Dashboards

Student Journey Planning (SJP) dashboards measure the impact of how students move through their application process. These data applications analyze the performance of website content, emails, chat assistance, and more. The objective of the SJP initiative is to create a seamless, self-service information gathering and application processes.

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Enrollment jorunery

Lead Nurturing

Audience Segmentation
Lead Nurture Analytics: An Often Overlooked, Low-Hanging Opportunity

Successful marketers deliver the right content to the right leads at the right time. You have the data — the pages they’ve visited, brochures they’ve downloaded, and emails they’ve opened — now you just have to measure it. This will improve the performance of your campaigns — and generate more leads and customers.

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Marketing Attribution

Is it Time to Rethink Marketing Attribution?

Students rarely enroll after the first touchpoint. It takes considerable time to cultivate trust before such an important life decision as where to study. Capturing and analyzing that journey is key to the development of an attribution model that can enhance your campaigns, spend, and conversions.

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Marketing Attribution

Higher Education Case Studies

Drive better results by understanding customer data