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Student Journey Planning Dashboards

Student Journey Planning (SJP) dashboards measure the impact of how students move through their application process. These data applications analyze the performance of website content, emails, chat assistance, and more. The objective of the SJP initiative is to create a seamless, self-service information gathering and application processes.

Executive View

The Executive View provides a quick overview of different marketing KPIs including website traffic and content performance; lead journey and funnel progression; lead engagement that assist the application process; and the email campaign performance.

Data inputs come from a number of platforms including Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Acoustics email campaign performance.

executive view

Leads Journey Summary

The Leads Journey Summary provides an intelligent overview of monthly KPIs regarding leads and their progression. This interactive data hub that allows for filtering of any dimension including channel, programs, timeframe, and more.

Other KPIs displayed here include total leads, applications, lead to application conversion rate, and cost and revenue related data points. The top banner of KPIs also shows month over month changes. The dashboard can be broken down by partners, programs, and lead channels.

The graphic is the Lead Progression Funnel view that maps the movement of leads across different stages towards the actual conversion or success.

The Monthly Trends graphs, over a specified period of time, conversion rates and the cost incurred per conversion.

leads journey

Email Campaign Performance Summary

The Email Campaign Performance Summary Dashboard provides an in-depth look at the KPIs for emails sent, Delivery rate, Open rate, and click rate.  You can also break down your data between partners and campaigns.

The dashboard also allows for a fast glance of the topics students are clicking on. For example, in the example below, we can see that 52% of the total clicks were made on the financial aid links. This information can help you understand what is most important to your leads and how to remarket appropriately. 

Lead Engagement Summary

The Lead Engagement Summary Dashboard provides a complete outlook into the monthly data for quality contacts established, leads engaged via text and chat channels, and converted leads following text/chat engagement.

Besides text and chat engagement, this interactive dashboard can separate and visualize engagements made via calls, emails, appointments, and more. The dashboard can also be filtered by Partners, Lead Channels and Programs.

email campaign

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