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A customer success story

How a leading education institution in the US improved their enrollment rate with Nabler

The Brand

A leading educational institute in the US committed to providing industry-focused learning to students across the globe through on-campus and online courses.

The challenge

CEC Challenge

Prospective students not engaging on the website.

CEC Challenge

Existing a/b tests were not yielding expected results.

CEC Challenge

Lack of adequate, dedicated resources to ramp up the number of tests.

Our design approach

CEC Design
UX Researcher

Leads the UX Study and plans the experiment based on the requirement

Implementation Engineer

Carries out the experiments and provides recommendations based on the results

UX Designer

Configures and carries out the user tests on the platform

Digital Analyst

Spearheads the Conversion testing efforts and creates the testing plan for the experiment

CEC Design
Put the team together

We put together a team of UX researcher, digital analyst, UX designer, and implementation engineer

Finalize the framework

We created a framework for identifying high-quality ideas. This included:

  • Considering known pain points from the customer
  • Previous experiments that were run
  • Behavioral data
  • Customer’s priorities

CEC Design
CEC Design
Validate hypotheses using UX research

For tests that are likely to have high impact, hypotheses were validated using a UX research study. This was also followed when there was inadequate data to validate a hypothesis.

Run and monitor tests

Test ideas that were finalized were put through the process of design > configure > launch > Monitor.

CEC Design
CEC Design
Assess and learn

Tests that met expected statistical significance (z-score) was rolled out to 100% of the traffic.

Executed post-test analysis and documented learnings from tests that did not meet expected significance.


Nabler used CRO and UX studies to carry out more effective tests

CEC Outcome
Increasing engagement and click-through rate

Changing the color scheme of the page increased the overall banner clicks. The click-through rate of the page increased by 16% due to the change in theme.

CEC Design
CEC Design

Installation of ‘Your Recommendation’ popup to direct returning visitors to the course triggered an overall increase of conversion rate by 50%.

Increasing the conversion rate of returning users

Relaxing of rules set on ‘Name’ fields along with the use of a personalized direct link to the conversion page resulted in a 10% increase in leads on the desktop and a 7% increase in mobile conversions.

CEC Design

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