How We Work

Our project management methodology is aimed at providing comprehensive, consistent, coherent and a repeatable set of best practices that promote quality approach in achieving business effectiveness and efficiency in execution of projects.

Stages of Project Management at Nabler

  • 1
    Project Initiation

    The initiation process defines the nature and scope of the project. Once the project is commissioned, an onboarding document that contains the preliminary project plan is shared with the client. Post receipt of approval on the onboarding document, the client is given access to Basecamp (Project Management tool) as well as freshdesk (Ticketing System).

  • 2
    Briefing and Discussions

    Once the project is initiated; we set up various discussions with the client to understand the business objectives and create the Business Requirement Document. The project team gets an opportunity to clarify doubts and gets necessary access to tool and resources. Being an ISO 27001 certified organization; we ensure compliance to our ISMS data security policy.

  • 3
    Implementation and Monitoring

    During this stage, we create a Deliverables Calendar and action the deliverables accordingly. We also utilize our expertise to explore the possibility of automation wherever feasible; this can result in rationalization of resources as well as reduction of operational cost.

  • 4
    Effective Supervision

    At Nabler we strive to provide high quality reports and insights, on time, every time. Our resources are well-equipped and qualified to deliver outstanding work with minimum supervision. Nevertheless, the supervisory team provides guidance to ensure that our Analysts and Senior Analysts perform at a standard that Nabler has committed to its clients. Each project has a Project Manager who is responsible for task assignment, client communication, and who effectively acts as a liaison between the client and the project team.

  • 5
    Client Update

    Every month, our clients receive the feedback forms that help them share their feedback on Nabler's performance. This is shared with our operations team to understand the areas of improvement. The client is also updated with the status of the feedback through an appropriate communication protocol.

  • 6
    Project Closure

    At the completion of the project, we follow a fixed transition plan to ensure that all project related documents are archived and shared with the client. The entire transition process is documented and a release note accompanies the handover of the project. We also ensure that the data is surrendered to the client or deleted as per the IS policy standards.