Top 5 Hacks to simplify your Digital Analytics

For beginners in digital analytics, it can be pretty intimidating with the complexities involved. One will have to gain insights into the quirks and foibles of the traffic that comes to the digital properties: desktop website, mobile website, or mobile application. A full-blown digital analytics setup will be needed to analyze the data captured from [...]

Nabler Remote Web Analyst — Why Enterprises & Agencies Love Them?

According to a McKinsey report, by 2018, the United States alone could face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills as well as 1.5 million managers and analysts with the know-how to use the analysis of big data to make effective decisions. Nabler remote web analysts is a blessing in such [...]

Google Analytics – The Top 10 Metrics

Google Analytics is the best tool for all webmasters after the launch of their websites to track the metrics related to the same. Getting started with Google Analytics is very simple whereas getting the right insights from the tool is quite tricky. This infographic will help you understand the crucial 10 metrics one should track [...]

Digital Analytics Journey – How To Begin?

Digital Analytics is a must have for every digital marketer as it provides practical and actionable insights. Once you have launched your website and other digital assets, it is time to invest in digital analytics. Most of the digital marketers kick off their analytics journey on a wrong foot so it is advised to get [...]

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8 Ways to Boost Revenues Using Digital Analytics

Every marketing organization is investing heavily in digital analytics and they expect this will deliver the right insights. Right insights at the right time can be perfect for marketers to derive the perfect strategies for their organizations. But digital analytics does not stop there when it comes to results from the right practice. Right implementation [...]

6 Ways Mobile Analytics Can Help Optimize Mobile Channel Engagement

A statistical study by Aberdeen group has proved that the enterprises that have deployed mobile analytics have annually seen 11.6% increase in brand awareness, 11.2% jump in return on marketing investments, 7.1% improvement in time-to-market of product or services, and 3.4% rise in average order value. This infographics presents 6 ways mobile analytics help in [...]

5 Marketing Blindspots Digital Analytics Can Fix

As a modern marketer, you will faced with several blind spots and that can hinder the success of your marketing strategies. In addition to helping you measure and track web traffic, Digital Analytics can help you get rid of such blind spots. This infographic will help you understand 5 such marketing blind spots. Contact Us [...]

Customer Sentiment Analysis & eCommerce Data Initiatives

Customer Sentiment Analysis helps in identifying whether the customer comment about the brand is positive, negative or neutral. It plays a crucial role when it comes to ecommerce industry as the analysis of huge volumes of unstructured social data will help in deriving actionable insights. Customer Sentiment Analysis can help ecommerce players in enhancing user [...]

Text Mining – 5 Practical Applications For eCommerce Companies

eCommerce players are bombarded with massive amounts of data from various online and offline sources. This vast pool of data carries immense source of insights for them which can play a crucial role in their success. This infographic throws light on 5 practical applications where text mining can help eCommerce players in crunching this huge [...]

Customer Lifetime Value Analysis – The Significance

Customer Lifetime Value Analysis aids in understanding the net profit from an entire customer relationship. It helps in identifying the customers with maximum profitability and vice versa. insights. Customer Lifetime Value Analysis helps companies market their products to the right profitable customers, manage budgets for acquisition, forecast revenues and much more. Contact Us Want to [...]

Tag Management — Top 10 Benefits For Digital Marketers

Digital Marketing is no more a rocket science as marketers have all sorts of tools and technologies to help them with their planned activities. As the number of tools proliferate, it’s also vital to integrate all of them together to gather crucial insights in the right fashion. Enter Tag Management. Tags are an essential part [...]

Channel Attribution Analysis — A boon for Digital Marketers

With the increasing complexity of the digital world which is getting amalgamated with the offline world, the task is becoming a huge challenge for digital marketers. To know which channel works for their specific requirements and how the marketing budget should be allocated, they must consider channel attribution analysis. In simple words, channel attribution analysis [...]

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