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10 Ways B2B websites can generate higher conversion rate

        Ways B2B websites can generate higher conversion rate
Conversion Rate Optimization
– 2020 Updates
Ways B2B websites can generate higher conversion rate
1.Make your website user- friendly as well as crawler-friendly

This will get the attention of users as well as crawlers

2.Track every Event

With this quality data you can optimize the conversions

3.Technical Aspect of Website

Make your website fully optimized. Resolve issues of speed, security, responsiveness etc.

4.Clear Header Message

The header of the landing page should give an exact and clear idea to the user about the content of the page.

5.Aesthetic Aspect of Website

The content of the website should be easy to interpret, so that users can easily understand the information.

6.Engaging CTA

Make the CTA more appealing which will make the visitors more intrigued to know more and end up satisfying the set goal.

7.Increase the Credibility

Showcase all the certifications and associations with brand on the page. This will increase the trust of users towards your brand.

8.Add Testimonials

Add testimonials of your customers, try to add video testimonials. As per Psychology, it increases the belief of users towards your brand.

9.Chat Option

Adding a chat option, and mainly live chat option with increase the conversion rates. As per the research people interact more easily through live chat before contacting directly.

10.Social Media Presence

If you want to increase the online presence of your brand, then you must have an active social media account. It will boost the awareness about the brand.

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