Customer Sentiment Analysis & eCommerce Data Initiatives

April 18, 2020

Customer Sentiment Analysis helps in identifying whether the customer comment about the brand is positive, negative or neu...

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Text Mining – 5 Practical Applications For eCommerce Com...

April 17, 2020

eCommerce players are bombarded with massive amounts of data from various online and offline sources. This vast pool of da...

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Customer Lifetime Value Analysis – The Significance

April 16, 2020

Customer Lifetime Value Analysis aids in understanding the net profit from an entire customer relationship. It helps in id...

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Tag Management – Top 10 Benefits For Digital Marketers

April 15, 2020

Digital Marketing is no more a rocket science as marketers have all sorts of tools and technologies to help them with thei...

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Channel Attribution Analysis — A boon for Digital Marketers

April 14, 2020

With the increasing complexity of the digital world which is getting amalgamated with the offline world, the task is becom...

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