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Nabler’s Cohen on the Future of Independent Media Agencies

Larry Cohen, SVP Customer Success & Data Strategy at Nabler, recently participated in The Indie Forum, presented by theonenetwork. Larry was a panelist in a session on media and technology, which dissected how tomorrow’s independent media agencies can make themselves stand out when seeking new clients and luring new talent. He joined John Marraffino, Owner VMC Media; Glenda Wynyard, Managing Director, The Media Precinct; and Martin Albrecht, CEO CROSSMEDIA Worldwide.

“Today, independent agencies need to do more,” Larry explained. “Not just in performance and branding but also media planning, strategy selection as well as reporting and analytics.”

Now, the real key factor is to being able to scale. The pandemic has accelerated a lot of productivity gains — especially for agencies.

“The question is how do you lock in those gains in order to scale and meet client expectations.”

When asked where he thinks the digital marketing ecosystem is headed, Larry said that it will always remain a people-centric enterprise.

“Digital as a whole is not just about cookies — I joke that they’re for dessert, not for targeting. When you set up a digital program properly, it’s about talking to people. For many brands that understand their customers, it’s about understanding people and having that one-to-one conversation. The internet allows you to have those one-to-one conversations; and then know where they are, and their emotional point.

You can view the entire discussion below:

Theonenetwork is an independent network of media agencies that helps clients find the right agency partner for advertising, PR, media, digital, events, branding and design, B2B and B2C solutions. The Indie Forum was a day-long confab consisting of three sessions designed for independent agency leaders and their teams.

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