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What Is Nabler’s Global Digital Analytics Center (GDAC) And How Can It Help You?

So you have got the coveted ticket and waiting with bated breath to board the grandeur-filled digital analytics train. What we mean is that you have already deployed an analytics tool and are now about to flag off your data-driven journey. But, clouds of apprehension may still be floating in your mind; you are skeptical about whether the train will hit the destination. To say it with a different combination of words, will you get the results you want to achieve by this type of simple deploy-it-and-then-forget-it approach? Well, this can help you to some extent. However, with increasing complexities in business and the data universe in an infinitely expanding mode, your situation demands something highly well-structured. You need an analytics center.

An analytics center is a special organization within an enterprise to foster the development of analytical infrastructure, put in place a strong collaborative environment, garner insights, and manage best practices related to analytics for the attainment of holistic business growth. It’s the strategic hub of all things analytics. You can say it’s a centralized competence-building exercise around analytics. Diverse components of the business ecosystem—people, processes, culture, and technology—get seamlessly integrated into a target-oriented whole under the aegis of the analytics center.

Thus far we have given you a definition of the analytics center and raved over this inclusive arrangement, but not elaborated on the top tangible benefits you will extract from establishing one. So, here we go:

  • Promoting adoption and use of analytics among the business users: In recent years, intuitive self-service BI solutions have gained huge popularity because they empower the business side of the enterprise to serve their analytical purposes to a greater degree without remaining at the mercy of IT. An analytics center can take this trend several steps forward.
  • Cost reduction: The old school style of using analytics within silos gives rise to redundant functions, thereby pushing costs up. These costs can be effectively stamped out once your integrated analytics center is up and running.
  • Standardization: Unless everybody follows a common framework or set of guidelines, conflict is inevitable. In its capacity as an overseer of analytical activities, the center can bring analytics cohesiveness throughout the enterprise.
  • Marked improvement in data management, quality, and reporting: This is an extension of the previous point. As enterprise-wide uniformity becomes the new normal and data noise gets filtered out due to razor-sharp management, only quality data is left for analysis. Hence, better reporting is possible.
  • Rolling the wheels of innovation: Though the analytics center spearheads an enterprise into a standardized realm, yet innovation is not something out of bounds. It happens by way of continuous exploration of new analytic hypotheses and data sources.
  • A better relationship between business and IT: From today’s perspective, it’s even more detrimental to an enterprise if the business side and IT side move on separate ways. Disagreement between these two will create a hotbed of shadow IT issues. The center rules this out and other unpleasant possibilities by letting business and IT go hand in hand on the same track.

Now, if you are thinking how to proceed, then don’t fret. Nabler has your back. As part of our analytics support services, we will provide what it takes—basic infrastructure, technology, ready-to-work trained professionals, and everything in between—to set up a high-performing analytics center. We call it our Global Digital Analytics Center (GDAC). Much to your amazement, you will see that the GDAC will act as your extended business unit. Oh yes! It remains exclusive to a client; that’s you.

Below are the irresistible things that will be handed to you on a silver platter, if you choose Nabler’s GDAC:

  • Flexibility at its best: Nabler believes that a solution is worth its salt only when it can keep up with your requirements. For that reason, our GDAC model is flexible, customizable, and above all totally risk-free. With it, scale-up or scale-down of resources and facilities as per the fluctuations on the ground is so easy.
  • All-round guidance in team selection: You will need enterprising, knowledgeable, and talented individuals at the helm to run the center. Nabler will ensure you get the fair deal in this respect. It will interview, shortlist, and recruit the right candidates to fit in right positions as per job descriptions communicated by you.
  • Ready access to vast skill sets: When you decide to engage with us, you don’t have to regret by scraping the bottom of the barrel. You will get immediate access to Nabler’s already existing pool of professionals who come from a plethora of domains. Engineering, Automation, Consulting, Testing, Implementation, Advanced Analytics—you name it.
  • Dedicated project manager: Showing unflinching dedication to what one has been entrusted with can make a world of difference. From Nabler, you will have a dedicated person who will look into the projects under your supervision.
  • Tight project governance: Nothing will drop beneath your radar. Robust processes such as BRDs, SOPs, ticketing systems, file sharing systems, project management tools, and more will ensure that you never lose firm grip over your projects.
  • Security assurance: When it comes to security, ISO Certified Nabler takes no chances. Rest assured that you are in safe hands. We follow strict ISMS policies to retain confidentiality of your data intact.
  • Extended working hours: The fact that Nabler is far away from your time zone gives it a unique advantage. It can operate beyond your team’s working hours. Thus, a round-the-clock facility is not out of your reach.
  • Extended brand identity: It’s the model’s ability to perfectly align with your brand identity and corporate communications standard that make it stand apart. Your team is all yours. Write your success story on a broader canvas.
  • Cost-effective: Who says great services come with hefty price tags? The GDAC is not harsh on your company coffers. In fact, you can enjoy up to a 40% reduced analytics bill. Also, don’t be unmindful of the excellent resources available at your fingertips. Whenever you want to dive into analytics in earnest, give the first thought to Nabler’s GDAC.

Enterprises today leverage data as the validation engine for almost all their decisions. In doing so, they must consolidate their analytics initiatives. Allow Nabler’s GDAC to be your companion here and do the heavy lifting for you. Hi there! Your analytics center is beckoning you!

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