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Top reasons why our clients love Nabler remote web analyst program

2015 was undoubtedly the year of digital analytics. Businesses in all domains now utilize some sort of business or digital analytics to optimize their processes and enhance marketing effectiveness. But a common factor that most of the companies are struggling with is the shortage of experienced analytics professionals. According to the A.T. Kearney 2015 Leadership Excellence in Analytic Practices, “Companies will need 33 percent more talent in analytics over the next five years, across all industries”. There are already 10% unfilled analytics related positions. According to a report by McKinsey, “By 2018, the United States alone could face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills as well as 1.5 million managers and analysts with the know-how to use the analysis of big data to make effective decisions”. Hiring analytical talent in-house is the biggest challenge that companies face today and hence they opt for Nabler’s remote analyst program.

Our remote analyst solution also has several advantages:

Instant and easy access to top-notch analysts: Appointing a dedicated analyst was never faster than this. Our clients are delighted by the fact that they don’t have to go through the hassle of recruitment or training and can get analysts of different proficiencies and experience levels based on their need. We can make an analyst available within 48 hours. For very specific client requirements, we can train our existing analysts in-house and make them ready for your project.

Analysts that match the skills required for your project: Each client and project is different. Nabler specializes in providing a wide-range of digital analytics services and so we have professionals with a variety of skill sets. When our clients require remote analysts, we quickly match their requirements with the appropriate candidates and let the client select the analyst they are most comfortable with. A client might need a person who is good at handling and integrating data, or conducting A/B tests, or at identifying trends and insights from raw data – Nabler can match those requirements with ease.

Certified and experienced professionals: The best part of appointing Nabler’s remote analysts is that our clients get highly qualified and trained professionals with popular industry certifications like GAIQ, SiteCatalyst, Omniture and many more. We have trained specialists who have deep knowledge of tools like Google Universal Analytics, Google Analytics Premium, Omniture SiteCatalyst/Adobe Analytics, WebTrends, ClickTracks, CoreMetrics, Unica NetInsight, and more. We also specialize in tag management tools such as Google Tag Manager, Tealium, TagMan, Adobe DTM, SuperTag, Ensighten, BrightTag, etc. There are many other allied tools that work in tandem with our client’s enterprise digital analytics tool. At Nabler, we are well-versed with many of such tools and can make talent readily available for such specific requirements of our clients.

Ramp-up or ramp-down of team size as per project requirements: Any business in the digital domain has periods of high or low activity. There are marketing seasons or campaigns that require more resources for analytics while the need for analytics is at a normal level for the rest of the year. Nabler understands this necessity and can modify the team size promptly, without burdening the client. So, whether our clients need a single resource for a few hours per month, or they need a team of dedicated remote web analysts – we offer the flexibility to meet those needs.

A complete range of analytics services: Nabler offers end-to-end digital analytics services for a variety of tools and platforms. We even help with building customized software solutions and dashboards for our client’s specific requirements. Hence, our remote web analysts can offer complete services for configuring and customizing web analytics tools, dashboard creation, reporting and analytics, customization, campaign analytics, social media analytics, mobile analytics, tag management, A/B and multi-variate testing, integrating click stream data with other data points, data auditing, and much more.

The Nabler Edge: Nabler has a world-class office infrastructure with industry standard security features, training facilities, knowledge management, analysis processes, and delivery models. You will be working with an ISO 27001 certified company that has partnerships with Google, Adobe, Microsoft, IBM, and Tableau. With Nabler, our clients get more from their data. We take each project with complete dedication and commitment and find out ways to improvise processes and increase analytics effectiveness for our clients.

And, finally the cost advantage: A remote web analyst at Nabler would cost our clients up to 50% to 80% less than what they otherwise spend in-house on acquiring and training a full-time employee and maintaining the required infrastructure. Plus, we offer the advantage of scaling up or down whenever needed and getting additional resources for ad hoc projects. Nabler also appoints a dedicated project manager at no extra cost to monitor our client’s remote web analysts and to make sure that all their analytics needs are handled proficiently. Hiring a remote web analyst from Nabler gives our clients a high-quality solution without any burden.

To conclude

Companies cannot achieve their goals if they have the wrong people doing the jobs that are supposed to be done by people trained in the field. For instance, you cannot expect your marketing personnel to create and analyze analytics reports too. By hiring Nabler’s remote web analysts, you can be rest assured that your in-house team is working on key activities while the analytics part is taken care of by professionals in the industry.

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