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Mobile App Analytics Implementation

Analyze traffic that drives results

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Analyze traffic that drives results

Without Analytics for Mobile applications, it is not feasible to identify which marketing strategy and content does a customer responds to. Content of an application may vary, from a simple newsletter application to a complex E-commerce application. And therefore, it is increasingly important to set up a strategy to measure this behavior on scale.


Analytics Platform Scaling Solutions

We help our customers with mobile app analytics to measure and optimize user acquisition and engagement. We are a tool-agnostic company and have the required expertise in deploying any analytics solution for your mobile apps on Android or iOS.


Our Process


As data is the foundation for taking key decisions, our team of experts ensures that the solution is optimal, scalable, reliable, and future proof. We can also collaborate with your IT development teams in deploying the solution as per the industry’s best practices.


Use Cases

With legacy analytics strategies being incompatible and outdated, we help you with migrating to latest Mobile App Analytics platforms as well as with setting up of a fresh installation.


Reporting and Dashboarding

We help to identify key performance indicators for the app around tracking user interactions, resulting in the collection of key metrics important for your business. These metrics could also be visualized over a dashboarding tool allowing various stakeholders to participate and understand the analytics process, user behavior, and visualizing trends and occurrences.

Customer Acquisition & Behavior

With Analytics installed and setup, app owner and related stakeholders can easily analyze which part of the app, and specifically what content from the app is a customer most interacting with. This helps them taking informed decisions around the application’s business strategy.


User Interaction and Retention

Analytics also helps understand User Retention. It provides insights on important metrics like app installs and uninstalls. It also answers questions about the performance of the campaign strategies used and improving them for the future.

Other services


Google’s BigQuery integration

Our team of experts provides a holistic understanding of how the app is performing, by integrating various data-warehouses like BigQuery and drawing conclusions.


Google’s Data

We can tailor customized reports and dashboarding around the KPIs from the data accessible to the analytic tool.


Conversion Rate Optimization

We can help in setting up A/B test experiments to discover and try potential ideas and its acceptance among users.

Don’t let incorrect data prove costly for your business