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Media Spend Optimization:
Scale with ML and Drive ROAS

Media Spend Optimization : Why You Should Do It?

In a post pandemic world, a modern marketeer needs to be smart about the organization’s media spend
Challenges We See

Marketing shoulders more responsibility

In a post pandemic digital era vs. traditional sales channels

Challenges We See

A modern marketer is responsible to drive leads

Both top and middle of the sales funnel

Challenges We See

The marketer must be prudent with cost

And be cognizant of organization’s bottom line

Media Spend Optimization : Why Is It Complex?

Challenges We See

Traditional methods are unsuitable

Due to variability in outcomes and being time intensive

Challenges We See

A growing number of platforms and channels

Has increased the granularity of spend allocation

Challenges We See

A lot of misinformation about

What log level data can or cannot achieve

Media Spend Optimization : How We Solve It?

Media Spend Optimization : How We Do It @ Nabler?

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