Multivariate testing services

Most online businesses face this challenges for Multivariate Testing

High traffic requirements.
Exponentially higher number of test variations.
Longer test cycles with lower probability of hitting statistically significant results.
  • Our multivariate testing experts can help you plan and confidently execute your multivariate tests, quickly and simultaneously. So that you get the best results, without having to increase your total sample size for identifying the impact of each individual change made.

This is how we improve your ROI

We build your brand
We help you formulate the correct strategy that sends out the right message for your brand on the web.
We make your headlines compelling
We test headlines to ensure they are compelling enough for visitors to read the rest of the content and ensure SEO compliance for higher page ranking and visibility.
We decode your images
We inspect each image to evaluate their effect on your visitors through a dedicated performance analysis.
We make the CTA buttons user-friendly
We deploy various modules and methodologies to check the buttons on your webpage for design to convince visitors for action.
We re-position elements for maximum impact
We test the positioning of content, ads, forms, CTAs etc on the website to ensure maximum visibility, impact and engagement without disruption.
We monitor your form fills
We test variations of forms to reduce occurance of in-line errors and facilitate seamless experience while sharing information.

Our Process

With us you have the freedom to experiment for maximum results

  • We minimize your testing time
  • We use a combination of techniques and latest tools like Google Site Optimizer and Omniture Test & Target to conduct accurate tests for the right answers.
  • We perform exhaustive tests with different designs and ideas for the best possible outcome.
  • We offer continuous monitoring to accurately depict customer behavior.
  • We increase page effectiveness and boost conversion rates.

Want more conversions from the same amount of traffic?