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A/B testing, Multivariate testing and more with Adobe Target

Don’t limit Adobe Target as a multivariate testing and ab testing tool. Explore it further for experience targeting, automated web personalisation and as a recommendation engine. Talk to our consultants to know more about the conversion rate optimization services we offer.


As the never-ending quest for scalability and sustainability in business rages on, Adobe Target re-establishes its presence as an analytics tool in the realm of digital marketing with 5 promising features to redefine the customer experience strategy. So, if it was only adobe target multivariate testing you were focused on till now, it’s time to be pleasantly surprised.


  • Offers – Adobe Target Offers helps you divide, break the codes into modules before applying as well as storing them on the variation and using them later, for multivariate testing.
  • Visual Composer – This feature of the testing tool loads the webpage your trying to create. The variation appears on the target and allows you to update as well as make changes visually leading to the creation of the changes code.
  • In-tool Analytics – Adobe Target unlike other analytics tools has in-tool analytics which is specific to analyse test results and its performance.
  • Auto-Allocate feature – ab testing is usually not 50% in all the scenarios, making decisions tougher. This feature of auto split in this automated testing tool splits the test with the best possibilities owing to the machine learning technology.
  • Automated personalization Testing – This is an advance test feature of Adobe Target which enables the website to show the relevant content specific to each visitor by its complex algorithm.


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Adobe target Offers are in offers tab of main navigation in the target section. You can go there and create HTML, JSON, remote, redirect offers. They help to keep the code in modules and structure them. These codes later can be used on different tests.


Visual Composer

This feature in the analytics tool can be found in the Setup> Preferences section in the main navigation.

Enabling Enhanced Experience Composer helps in making visual composer more effective and uses enhanced experience for dynamically loaded elements of the page, like angular pages and Ajax requests.


In-Tool Analytics

The reports can be found in the reports section of the test and configuration, in the test goals section.

You can use the feature of In Target to analyse the test results in the testing tool itself and it specifically needs no other configuration in other analytics to determine the winner. This is the best option in Adobe Target that should be tapped by all the users.


Auto-Allocate Feature

Can be found on Activity>Targeting part of the test

In the targeting tab of the test, you can set the allocation to auto-allocation which allocates the traffic intelligently rather than just using the 50/50 split. The spit is allocated by a target machine learning algorithm which helps determine the winner faster and efficiently.


Automated personalization testing

It is found as an option in the activity list while creating a new activity. The process of creating an activity is like multivariate testing which creates multiple variations on every change. The target auto-allocation with the machine learning algorithm works magically in the allocation and audience sections enabling you to see only the most relevant content.


Adobe Target is a revelation. We suggest you go ahead and explore this testing tool with us and you are most likely to see happier customers and better business.

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