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Piwik PRO Can Improve Google Ad Spend ROI

As a marketer, your job is to make sure that each advertising campaign you run is lucrative. With Piwik PRO and Google Ads integration, you’ll get a clear picture of which campaigns result in traffic on your website.

After all, with the scores of options available for Consumer 4.0, your advertising must to stand out and provide substantial ROI for your company. The advertisement itself has little to do with the campaign’s overall success. A good advertising campaign does not depend solely on the creativity of the ad, but also on the value for the money, distribution, targeting, re-targeting, personalization, and continual revisions based on data-driven analytical insights. While this might read like a tedious, non-exhaustive list of operations, Piwik PRO can make your life much easier.

This post will lay out a few essential methods to make the most out of your Piwik PRO Analytics Suite products.

Before we begin explaining the nuanced features of these products, the first step would be to integrate Google Ads with Piwik PRO. This allows you to combine data from Google Ads and  Piwik PRO, including sessions, bounce rate, and goal conversion. With this knowledge, you’ll know which campaigns turn visitors into customers.

Now that your Google Ads is integrated with your Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, we move on to discuss the utility of its products.

Piwik PRO Tag Manager

With the help of Piwik PRO Tag Manager, you can use the following two tags to ensure maximum utility:

Google Ads Conversion Tracking Tag

This Tag lets you track conversions for your advertising campaigns in Google Ads.

Google Ads Remarketing Tag

As a marketer, you may need to re-target a person who has visited your website once. Piwik PRO Tag Manager provides a ready-made tag called Google Ads Remarketing Tag, which collects information about visitors from the whole website and passes the data to Google Ads. In Google Ads, you can create a new remarketing list using conditions like page URL, referrer URL, or event.

You can use this collected data to create a new campaign or ad groups in Google Ads. If you wish to utilize richer data describing your website visitors, you can create an audience using Piwik PRO Customer Data Platform (Audience Manager).

Piwik PRO Audience Manager

It is evident that as a marketer, you want to reach only the right audience with your message.

Now, even though Google Ads allow you to pick the audience from its database and send information about your website’s visitors to Google Ads via Remarketing Tag, you can create an audience with Piwik PRO Audience Manager and export it to Google Ads.

You can achieve this with a straightforward, four step process:

  1. Create an audience in Audience Manager
  2. Create a tag for an audience export
  3. Create remarketing list in Google Ads
  4. Check the audience in Google Ads

Note: Google Ads will automatically create an audience with interests similar to those of your exported audience.

Piwik PRO Analytics

With Piwik PRO Analytics, you can view Google Ads Report. By digging into this report, you’ll learn which campaigns bring visitors to your website and turn them into customers.

Furthermore, with Piwik PRO, you can even maximize your AdWords campaign by:

  1. Setting up Adwords Campaign Tracking
  2. Tracking costs per keyword with which you can evaluate which keywords are beneficial for your company and which ones are not.

We hope you found this article helpful and you are well on your way to increase the ROI of your Google Ad Campaign. If you have any queries or require any assistance from industry vetted professions, you can contact us.


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