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Connecting multiple data sources.
Transforming information for business intelligence.
  • Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based suite of business intelligence tools that help you analyze data and explore it through stunning visualizations to make intelligent decisions with interactive reports that can be seamlessly shared through Outlook 365.
  • Our Power BI consulting can customize your Power BI cloud environment to bring your business-critical data to life.
  • Microsoft also offers an on-premise deployment for organizations that wish to keep their PowerBI system within the company. PowerBI servers allow sharing of reports through this on-premise system. Distribution of information becomes easier even if the data needs to be held behind organizational firewall.

This is How We Accelerate Your Power BI Implementation

We give you unified data in real-time

  • We leverage hybrid BI to create API connections for all your data sources whether it’s on the cloud or on-premise. We can deal with large data files and effortlessly tap into multiple sources from Excel, access SQL data from GA, Adobe, GitHub, Spark, and Hadoop.
  • We integrate Power BI into your ERP or CRM system to uncover hidden patterns and find near-instant answers to pressing questions.
  • We draw real-time data from these relevant sources and create a holistic view of your business.

We Transform Your Data Using Queries

  • We optimize Power BI’s easy-to-use desktop tools to help you quickly analyze your critical data, and transform it into compelling insights.
  • Using Azure integration, we develop a single, secure data model in the cloud that’s easy to use and meets your business needs.
  • We help you optimize data models by pulling in relevant data as per your requirements to save query time, reduce the load on the server, and facilitate a more focused approach.
  • We use R and python scripts to tackle data issues when they cannot be handled by power query(M- Language) to better organize data.

Modern Dashboarding And Reporting

With Power BI real-time streaming, we display and update real-time data to produce a better outcome for your business.
We create visuals in the form of tables and charts to give you powerful insights, predict outcomes, and make instant decisions for your entire organization.
We design visually rich and user-friendly dashboards that provide a complete view of your business data.
We make use of custom visuals for a detailed representation of data for more insights.
We make the best use of the Power BI tool to develop interactive and appealing reports to make your data understandable and clear.
We use R and Python to deploy advanced forecasting models to predict business outcomes.

Mobile BI

  • With Power BI’s built-in mobile capabilities, we help you securely view, access, and share reports anywhere, anytime. This helps create a dynamic business intelligence environment.
  • We build custom dashboards for mobile applications along with business alerts notifying significant milestones.

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We are driven by results – not billable hours- to deliver exceptional business value and ROI.
We are clear and upfront in our communication with open sharing of information to set proper expectations and minimize unexpected surprises.
We become an integrated part of your team and share common goals to achieve them faster.
We ensure quality is embedded at every step of the project.
We deliver on-time, and continually make sure we’re on track to provide maximum value.
We use the best tools and most efficient practices like Agile, DevOps, User Experience and integrated Project Management to achieve unmatched productivity.
We train users to use the tool efficiently to simplify their tasks and reduce dependency on external sources.

Client testimonials

I wanted to extend my appreciation and thanks for the amazing work Nabler has done on the PowerBI Reporting Development Initiative at Risk Marketing. Introduction of PowerBI reports and dashboards has been a critical and highly visible initiative for Marketing this year and we owe its success in large part to the strong support and partnership from Nabler. ~ A happy client

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