Channel Attribution

The digital marketing ecosystem is evolving at a significant pace year over year. We are seeing an emergence of newer acquisition channels, which are pushing the digital marketers to further diversify their limited marketing budget, with a hope to acquire newer audience segments and improve their overall digital marketing ROI. But, we have been consistently observing a rising cost per acquisition and declining channel ROI across the board for both lead generation and ecommerce businesses.

If we go deeper in to this issue we would find that there is a lack of visibility and transparency around how the agencies or the digital analytics tools attribute the credit of success across all contributing channels, and keep the deviation percentage under control. Majority of the digital analytics tools in the market follow LAST TOUCHPOINT attribution model, which is suitable for those businesses that are transactional and have a short sales cycle or consideration phase. If you are a business with a longer sales cycle and spend your budget across multiple marketing channels, it's important for you to determine a relevant attribution model for your business so that you could give a fair share of credit to each marketing channel introducing, assisting or making the visitor convert on the website, and keep your cost per acquisition under control and improvise your channel ROI.

Our Approach

Key benefits of Channel Attribution analysis

  • Allows the digital marketers to have a better understanding of the customer journey and optimize their media mix
  • Provides transparency around introductory, assisting, and converting channels and gives opportunity to the marketers to allocate a fair share of credit to each contributing channel based on their impact on the key conversion metric
  • Avoids wastage of media impressions and boosts the channel level ROI by keeping the CPA under control
Why Nabler?
  • Seasoned digital marketing professionals: We have a team of seasoned digital marketing and analytics professionals with exceptional understanding of different digital channels, data management platforms, demand and supply side platforms, ad exchanges, ad serving networks, etc.
  • Digital analytics is our forte: We have been operating in the digital analytics domain for more than a decade now, and work with various Fortune 500 companies across the world. We have extensive experience of working with both lead generation and ecommerce businesses across different industry verticals such as: Finance, Automobile, Insurance, Retail, Telecom, Agency, Publishing, Education, etc.
  • Dedicated technology team: We have an experienced technology team with strong experience on Datawarehousing Technologies (Amazon RedShift), BI Platforms (Pentaho, Microstrategy, Actuate etc.), Visualization Layers (Tableau, QlikView, and Klipfolio etc.), Digital Marketing & Clickstream APIs, Testing & Targeting Solutions (Optimizely, Test&Target, Visual Web Optimizer), and Statistical Tools like R and SPSS.

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