Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a continuous process of improving the key sections, pages and conversion flow(s) on the website. This facilitates an engaging user experience and drives them closer to the conversion path by eliminating those steps in the visitor journey that deviate or distract them from their end objective.

For online businesses to kick-off a CRO initiative, it is necessary to do a full audit of their website from a usability perspective, and also evaluate the various sources of traffic to lay the foundation of their ongoing conversion optimization initiative.

At Nabler, conversion rate optimization has been our key service offering which we offer to both lead generation and ecommerce businesses with two main objectives in mind:

  • How to deliver an engaging and memorable shopping experience to the online visitors on the website?
  • How to expedite the conversion process by maintaining the visitor confidence in the brand, product or service?

Nabler’s Conversion Rate Optimization Methodology

  • Discovery: We start the process with a discovery session with the key business stakeholders and discuss their goals, key performance indicators, conversion funnels on the website, and the relevance of each step in the funnel process.
  • Marketing strategy analysis: After the initial discovery session is over, we discuss about the digital marketing strategy of the company including the various channels driving traffic to the website, the budget distribution across multiple channels, the channel objective, the percentage of traffic distribution, the ROI, and the cost per acquisition.
  • Site architecture audit: Once we have a fair understanding of the business objectives, KPIs, and the digital marketing strategy, we start the site architecture audit by focusing specifically on the information architecture, site taxonomy, and the various conversion funnels on the website. We perform this exercise in collaboration with the in-house content specialist and information architect; and while doing the audit, we also look at a few competitive websites.
  • Behavioral and conversion audit: Nabler will provide you a dedicated person who will manage the projects under your leadership.
  • Security assurance: After the site architecture audit, we start the behavioral and conversion audit of the online visitors by leveraging the client's web analytics tool, heatmaps, and online survey tools. We also look at the performance of the ongoing and historical A/B or MVT campaigns on the website.
  • Audit report:Lastly, we share our comprehensive audit findings with the client's business team, and create a testing and optimization strategy which focuses on optimizing the landing pages and conversion funnels on the website.

Why should you engage Nabler for CRO Audit?

  • We have done hundreds of CRO audits for businesses across different industry verticals.
  • We have a team of certified digital analytics and optimization professionals who are proficient in various web analytics, testing & optimization, and Heatmap tools.
  • We have a standardized methodology to conduct a CRO audit, which is capable of improvising your conversion rate and facilitating an engaging experience to your online visitors.
  • We maintain transparency throughout the audit process and follow a collaborative model for doing the audit.
  • We strive for actionable recommendations out of our audit process, and assist you in executing those recommendations in a priority order by giving higher weightage to low hanging fruits.

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