Customer Lifetime Value Analysis

Companies spend a large amount of money in nurturing customer relationships in order to achieve a long-term customer journey. Most companies have the following underlying model:

  • Reach: Depth of your brand's influence.
  • Engage: How well you are able to involve your visitors.
  • Activate: Convert the involved visitors.
  • Nurture: Make the converted visitors loyal and take the relationship further.


With the markets getting increasingly competitive, your ROI needs to be maximized. This requires optimal allocation of your marketing budget to minimize spends on the least value customers and channelize it to the highest ones. Nabler utilizes advanced analytics models to help you optimize your spends based on your customers’ lifetime value.

The Nabler Edge


In order to optimize your budgeting and make it effective, we do a deep dive Lifetime Value Analysis using some of these techniques:

  • Cohort Analysis: We use a time-based segmentation methodology and chart the relationship of customers with your company over time.
  • Regression Analysis: We use linear regression to study past behavior and predict the future value of a cohort.
  • Markov Models: Nabler uses probabilistic models and latest statistical sciences to arrive at accurate lifetime value calculations or value after a certain period of time.
What you get?

Nabler utilizes tested methods, proven approach, and the science of statistics to ensure maximum return on your precious marketing dollars. We help you spend on the right segment of people who would provide the greatest value to your company over their lifetime. This helps you focus on segments that really matter and not waste valuable time and money in wooing people who hardly add any value.

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