Digital Analytics Roadmap

Having a Digital Analytics Roadmap defined for your company and abiding by it is a wonderful way to gauge the analytics maturity of your organizational process and platform. The Roadmap helps the people supporting those platforms and enables them to facilitate the right data and insights to the decision makers. At Nabler, we have designed the Digital Analytics Roadmap for various B2B and B2C companies and assisted them in rolling it out across the organization.

Benefits of having a Digital Analytics Roadmap
  • The online businesses gain an understanding of the current level of analytics maturity/capability within the organization.
  • It helps the organizations in establishing realistic goals.
  • The roadmap lays out the analytics projects in a sequence so that we start with the infrastructural projects and move towards advanced analytics and digital database marketing.
  • Having a digital analytics roadmap provides clarity at the time of project execution, because the outcomes are well-defined and there is a KPI associated with each outcome.
  • The ultimate objective of the roadmap creation exercise is to boost the client’s analytics capabilities and establish a Digital Center of Excellence (DCOE). The DCOE will function as a support hub that provides the inputs for decision making.
Your business is eligible for a Digital Analytics Roadmap if…
  • Your business is not able to get the ROI from your digital tools investment. For e.g., Web Analytics Solution, Testing & Optimization Solution, Heatmap Tool, Data Audit Tools, Data Visualization Tools, Data Segmentation Tools, etc.
  • Your current organizational processes are acting as an impediment in operationalizing the ideas and insights shared by your analysts.
  • Your online business doesn’t have a structured process around analytics project rollouts.
  • There is a lack of analytical and statistical skills across the board
  • You are not able to scale up your digital analytics platform in synchronization with your organizational growth
Why Nabler for creating your Digital Analytics Roadmap?
  • Nabler has been offering Digital Analytics Consulting services for over a decade now and has a team of 100+ certified digital analytics professionals. Our vast and varied experience helps us understand your analytical needs and prioritize them to your advantage.
  • We are the Solution Partner of Adobe and offer Support and Consulting services for Adobe Analytics and its various modules.
  • We are proficient in providing services like Digital Analytics Implementation, Testing & Optimization, Customer Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Custom Dashboards, and setting-up of advanced Visualization Layers. With experience in almost all the digital analytics technologies, tools and best-practices – we are well-placed to offer end-to-end services as well as Roadmap consulting.

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