Global Digital Analytics Center

Get a full range of analytics services along with the complete infrastructure and technology setup, and ready-to-work trained professionals — performing like your extended business unit. A GDAC is treated as a delivery center that is exclusive to a client. You will have the right to select your people, have the same technological infrastructure (dedicated network, internet connection, security policies, quality best practices, etc.) that you have in the original set-up, choose your systems and tools, and directly monitor the team.

Enjoy the benefits of Nabler's Global Digital Analytics Center (GDAC)

  • Flexibility: Nabler offers a flexible, customizable, and risk-free engagement model which will allow for quick scale-up or scale-down of resources and facilities as per your business fluctuations.
  • Team selection: Nabler will interview, shortlist and recruit the right candidates as per JDs provided by you.
  • Access to vast skillsets: You will get immediate access to Nabler's already existing professionals in the fields of Engineering, Automation, Consulting, Testing, Implementation, and Advanced Analytics.
  • Dedicated project manager:Nabler will provide you a dedicated person who will manage the projects under your leadership.
  • Security assurance: Nabler is an ISO Certified company and we have strict ISMS policies that certify the data confidentiality.
  • Tight project governance: Nabler has processes like BRDs, SOPs, ticketing systems, file sharing systems, project management tools, and more, so that you have complete control over your projects.
  • Extended working hours: Owing to our geographical location, Nabler can act as an extension of your team's working hours, so that you can build a 24-hours setup
  • Extended brand identity: Your team can be completely your own, following your brand identity and corporate communication standards.
  • Cost-effective: This model is especially suited for media companies with vast analytics requirements. Building your GDAC will reduce analytics costs by up to 40% and will provide easy access to a vast pool of experienced resources.


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