Upgrade to Google Analytics Premium

Nabler - Google Analytics Certified Partner and Analytics 360 Reseller in Asia Pacific.

Why Analytics 360 for your business?

Google Analytics Premium offers a plethora of value-added features to the marketers, analysts, and business stakeholders.
Here are some of the key aspects of the Premium offering:

Data Automation
Enable real-time re-marketing with marketing integration

Being an advertiser, you must be spending a significant % of your marketing budget towards Search and Display campaigns across websites and mobile devices. With GAP you get an opportunity to integrate your Google AdWords and DoubleClick Campaign Manager data with your click-stream data and send website audiences to DoubleClick Bid Manager for real-time bidding.

Leverage data-driven attribution modeling

The Data-Driven Attribution capability of Analytics 360 analyzes all visitor paths to evaluate which touchpoints are meaningful. This data-driven model then uses advanced statistics and algorithms to increase accuracy and usability. You can even upload offline conversion data that is tied to online touchpoints for a complete attribution story.

Augment internal customer profiles

Having Google Analytics Premium (Analytics 360) as a core part of your Digital Analytics Infrastructure would allow you to integrate your click-stream data with various offline data-sources. This means, you can attach Customer IDs to visit data to augment internal customer profiles, and also upload customer characteristics, which can then be used in re-marketing.

Scale-up with analysis of massive datasets

Google BigQuery is a web service that lets you do interactive analysis of massive datasets – up to billions of rows. Hit level Google Analytics data is sent to Google BigQuery through a plug & play integration. You can enter SQL-like queries to export up to 3 million rows at a time.

Bring your data to life with custom dimensions & metrics

Use hundreds of custom dimensions and metrics to collect meaningful attributes about your users and your content such as: customer types, user profile data, demographics, key lifecycle behaviors, content types, feature usage, etc.

Why Nabler?

Cross-Device Implementation Assistance

We will enable cross-device tracking across all digital properties including your Desktop Website, Mobile Website and Mobile Apps (iOS, Android and Windows) in order to gauge the complete user journey.

Expertise in Data Visualization & Deep Dive Analysis

After the deployment of Google Analytics Premium across all devices, we would assist you in setting up custom dashboards and scorecards using visualization tools like Data Studio 360, Tableau, and QlikView.

Dedicated Tag Management Support

We will assign a dedicated Tag Management team who will assist you in setting up a Universal Data Layer object, Triggers, Custom HTML Tags and Custom JavaScript and provide ongoing Tag Management Support.

Proficient in Landing Page & Conversion Rate Optimization

We will assign you an Experience Optimization team who would assist you in finding optimization opportunities, creating an optimization plan, generating test hypothesis, building a test catalog and executing the tests across multiple devices.

Dedicated Account Management

We will assign a dedicated Account Manager who would steer the engagement end to end, facilitate the training workshops, be a single point of contact for day to day operational issues, and responsible for driving the client up in the Maturity Curve.

Expertise in Data Preparation & Statistical Modeling

Our engineering team would assist you in aggregating data from both online and offline data sources and build a marketing DataMart which can be leveraged not only for Data Visualization but, for statistical modeling using R and Python.

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