Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring is a service more focused on the B2B sector. In such sectors the main objective is to generate leads, and then attempt to convert them to customers of your service. This process is costly, cumbersome, and resource intensive. You require a sales team to identify the qualified leads and then channelize their focus to make them convert. So, the question for the paymasters is how to optimally make use of the sales team so that they can get maximum worth for the money spent on them?

The Nabler Edge


To identify the optimal set of leads to focus on, Nabler, over the years, has developed a robust methodology. Some of the techniques include:

  • Parameteric Identification: We study your business and identify the parameters that define an ideal target lead for your business. Depending on the domain you cater to, we define a set of lead qualification criteria and score the leads accordingly.
  • Segmentation: For predicting a group behavior it is essential to remove heterogeneity within groups, hence we bucket the leads into different segments based on the characterization and parametric identification to create homogenous sets of leads.
  • Logistic Regression: Within segments there would be people who converted and those who didn’t. This data can be used to set up a logistic regression to calculate expected probability of a lead to convert within that segment and also understand the weightage various parameters have in the process.
What you get?

Nabler, being an expert in the field of customer analytics, utilizes a mix of tested methodologies, proven approaches and the science of statistics to help our clients save a significant amount of dollars being spent on dead leads. We help you channelize your efforts to acquire the cream of leads in order to generate greater returns from your sales team, while adding quality customers to your portfolio.

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