Marketing Performance Analysis

Digital Marketing industry has evolved significantly over the years and there are plenty of new acquisition channels that have been added in the digital ecosystem. This has resulted in a lot of challenges for the digital marketers in terms of visitor engagement across channels, credit attribution, controlling the cost per acquisition, cross-channel targeting, and most importantly, how to increase the channel ROI month over month.

At Nabler, we have put together a Marketing Automation framework in which we gauge the contribution and effectiveness of each channel from acquisition, engagement, and conversion perspective, and provide comprehensive channel-wise reporting and dashboards in Excel and web-based formats using tools like Klipfolio, Tableau, and QlikView. Against each channel-wise report, our team of senior consultants provides expert commentary to add context to the declines and surges in the trend, identify opportunities for testing and optimization on the Campaign Landing Pages, and identify opportunities for targeting and advanced analytics.

Our Approach

Key benefits of Marketing Performance Analysis

  • Provides visibility and transparency around individual and cross channel performance, and creates opportunities for optimizing your Cost per Acquisition and Channel ROI.
  • Allows the digital marketers to do advanced analysis and identify their most and least profitable customers, improve their customer loyalty, and impact their bottom-line.
  • Provides actionable audience segments for targeting and personalization.
  • Saves time, brings consistency, and makes the most of your staff resources.
  • Speeds up the data analysis process by adding actionable visualizations using tools like, Tableau, QlikView, and Klipfolio, etc.
Why Nabler?
  • Digital Analytics is our forte: We have been operating in the digital analytics domain for more than a decade now, and work with various Fortune 500 companies across the world. We have extensive experience of working with both lead generation and ecommerce businesses across different industry verticals such as: Finance, Automobile, Insurance, Retail, Telecom, Agency, Publishing, Education, etc.
  • Dedicated technology team: We have an experienced technology team with strong experience on Datawarehousing Technologies (Amazon RedShift), BI Platforms (Pentaho, Microstrategy, Actuate, etc.), Visualization Layers (Tableau, QlikView, and Klipfolio, etc.), Digital Marketing & Clickstream APIs, Testing & Targeting Solutions (Optimizely, Test&Target, Visual Web Optimizer), and Statistical Tools like R and SPSS.
  • Seasoned digital marketing professionals: We have a team of seasoned digital marketing and analytics professionals with exceptional understanding of different digital channels, data management platforms, demand and supply side platforms, ad exchanges, ad serving networks, etc.

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