Our Methodology

We are not growth hackers. Instead, we are growth engineers, and we are in the business of building sustainable growth engines. Therefore, like all good engineers, we have developed a methodology for building optimization programs that continuously fuels business growth and can scale within your organization. Through this methodology, we will be able to identify your opportunities, mitigate challenges, streamline work and communication, and be able to learn from most tests.

CRO Methodology
How We Do It

We build a solid strategy. Every CRO program requires a well-thought-out strategic plan. Just jumping into testing is a sure way to learn the hard way and risk losing momentum due to missfires. In our strategy phase, we work closely with our clients to establish or define the various roles, responsibilities, and processes that will drive the success of your program. The result is an optimization playbook that will guide your program for years to come.

We find opportunities and plan your roadmap. Testing and optimization is an investment, and it’s important to identify opportunities that can have a big impact and avoid those that won’t. In the plan phase, we conduct research to identify the areas of your website that can drive the biggest impact, develop rough test ideas to address the opportunities, prioritize them based on the right criteria, and then create a testing roadmap that will guide your activities.

We design a valid test. With a solid strategy and roadmap in place, we begin designing experiments that will provide valuable data on the user experience. This process includes conducting a test-specific analysis to uncover actionable insights, developing hypotheses and defining what we expect to gain from each test.

We produce the test. At this point, we know what we want to test and have designed an experiment that will prove or disprove our hypothesis. Now it’s time to start production and build the experiment. This process includes on-brand visual design, creation of front-end code, configuration of the experiment in the testing tool, and thorough quality assurance testing.

We learn from every test . Ultimately, learning is what we came to do. During this phase, we analyze the results from our experiments, conduct deep segment and behavioral analyses and identify opportunities to apply learnings more broadly. This often leads to new insights and test ideas that can be prioritized in your roadmap. Finally, we create a documented test case that you can always refer to and share across your organization to promote knowledge sharing and demonstrate value.

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