Monthly Retainer

Our Monthly Retainer model is exactly what it sounds like. It is great for clients who have a fixed set of analytics requirements and reporting needs every month. Here's how we go about starting a monthly retainer engagement with our clients:

  • Based on your analytics needs we will offer you a time and effort estimation
  • We can then mutually agree upon a fixed set of weekly/monthly deliverables
  • We will allocate a team of experienced analysts and software specialists for your need along with a delivery manager who will coordinate with the team and your in-house point of contact
  • Nabler would go about delivering your pre-defined requirements irrespective of the number of analysts and hours required per month
  • A fixed monthly fee would be charged
  • Any additional deliverable will require a fresh estimation and an incremental fee

Apart from the monthly deliverables the client would also receive:

  • Operations Blueprint/Project Management Blueprint (a document that will detail out the systems and processes that are adopted in order to manage the ongoing engagement)
  • Access to project management tools like Freshdesk and Basecamp to keep track of the progress
  • Weekly calls and weekly updates on the work in progress and manpower utilization
  • Monthly Business Review
  • Quarterly Business Review

Nabler Advantage

Nabler not only provides you with simple monthly reports, but also offers a host of other benefits that come along when you engage with us:

  • A superior and experienced team of analysts, ready and trained to get started on your requirements without much lead-in time
  • A state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and best practices that ensure that your work is done effectively, accurately and without any downtime
  • Refined processes, methodologies, and quality practices to ensure effective project management, communication transparency, and excellence in project delivery. Know more about how we work.
  • Nabler is an ISO 27001 Certified company with advanced information security management practices — you can be completely assured of the security of your data
  • Nabler's consultants will proactively identify ways to improve your analytics processes and raise the standard of data-driven decision making within your organization
  • Flexibility to modify the engagement model and add-on additional resources quickly whenever you need

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