Power BI Consulting Services

PowerBI is a self-serving Business Intelligence Tool which is increasingly becoming popular among enterprises. It enables users to work on interactive visualizations and create reports that can be seamlessly shared through your Outlook 365. It can deal with large data files and tap into multiple sources from Excel, Access CSV to data from Salesforce, GA, GitHub etc.

Power BI

A subscription to PowerBI gets your organization a single exclusive access as opposed to a shared cloud. This would allow your organization to gain flexibility in deploying a BI system. Microsoft also offers an on-premise deployment for organizations that wish to keep their PowerBI system within the company. PowerBI server allows sharing of reports through this on-premise system. Distribution of information becomes easier across the organization even if the data needs to be held behind the company’s firewall.

Why Power BI?
Data Automation
Custom Visualizations

With PowerBI’s custom visuals, you are not limited to the graphs available within the tool. Visualisations available through the Viz Community can be used for your reports. This allows you to directly use complex graphs (Eg: Sunburst graphs, Sankey Bar) without actually developing it from scratch.

Integration and sharing

Since PowerBI is integrated in Microsoft’s Office Suite, it is compatible with other Microsoft products. This makes sharing as seamless as possible. Users can be segmented and access can be given to those you wish to.

View your reports anytime, anywhere

Since PowerBI is a cloud-based tool, your reports can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Apps are available to view dashboards on your tablets and other mobile devices.

The Nabler Advantage

Nabler offers you a powerful combo of design, engineering, and analytics to deliver highly accurate and insightful dashboards that help you make timely data-centric decisions. We are the dashboard people — we are among the first few in the industry who have pioneered the art and science of designing dashboards that speak volumes in a brief glance. We have designed thousands of practical and useful dashboards for hundreds of our clients. With our hand on the pulse of the digital analytics industry, we will be the right partner for you for visualization solutions.

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