Visitor Behavior Analysis

Visitor Behavior Analysis is among the most important components of the Marketing and Site Performance Analysis. Without investing in understanding the behavior of the online visitors, we cannot plan out the optimization of our marketing mix as well as our online storefront. As the digital industry is evolving year over year, we are seeing the emergence of newer acquisition channels and consumer segments with their own unique traits and behaviors, which can't be ignored in order to get the best ROI from these channels. At Nabler, Visitor Behavior Analysis is an integral part of our Marketing Analytics service offering and we often combine that with our premium services, i.e., Marketing Performance Analysis, Channel Attribution Modeling, Audience Segmentation, Sentiment Analysis, Landing Page, and Conversion Rate Optimization.

Our Visitor Behavior Analysis Approach

Key benefits of Visitor Behavior Analysis

  • It allows the digital marketers to have a better understanding of the customer journey and optimize their media mix.
  • It enables the marketers and content specialists in defining an appropriate targeting strategy for different audience segments.
  • It allows the Site Architects and Content Specialists to optimize the Information Architecture and Taxonomy of the website to facilitate an engaging shopping experience to the online visitors.
Why Nabler?
  • Seasoned digital marketing professionals: We have a team of seasoned digital marketing and analytics professionals with exceptional understanding of different Digital Channels, Data Management Platforms, Demand and Supply Side Platforms, Ad Exchanges, Ad Serving Networks, etc.
  • Digital analytics is our forte: We have been operating in the digital analytics domain for more than a decade now, and work with various Fortune 500 companies across the world. We have extensive experience of working with both lead generation and ecommerce businesses across different industry verticals such as: Finance, Automobile, Insurance, Retail, Telecom, Agency, Publishing, Education, etc.
  • Dedicated Technology Team: We have an experienced technology team with strong experience on Datawarehousing Technologies (Amazon RedShift), BI Platforms (Pentaho, Microstrategy, Actuate etc.), Visualization Layers (Tableau, QlikView, and Klipfolio etc.), Digital Marketing & Clickstream APIs, Testing & Targeting Solutions (Optimizely, Test&Target, Visual Web Optimizer), Statistical Tools like R and SPSS.

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