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This is Why Most Businesses Wrangle With Large Amounts Of Data

Tableau Consulting Services

Failure to connect data from different data sources efficiently

Tableau Consulting Services

Manual and slow data preparation

Tableau Consulting Services

Limited data exploration

Tableau Consulting Services

Lack of real insights and story-telling abilities

Tableau Consulting Services

Inconsistent reporting

Tableau Consulting Services

Lack of expertise in optimizing visualization tools to enhance dashboards performances

Tableau Consulting Services
  • Tableau is a powerful and intuitive visualization tool that comes with an array of features to help you quickly analyze and visualize the patterns in your data and communicate that information.
  • With our deep expertise in Tableau implementation, customization, integration, and management for your specific business requirements, we help you harness the power of your data

We Help Build A Solid Analytics Foundation

  • Our Tableau product consultant can chart you a course to become a data driven organization.
  • We formulate a clear, customized strategy along with a roadmap that defines your requirements and outcomes, aligns your teams, and prioritizes your work schedule to fully utilize Tableau.
Tableau Consulting Services

We Accelerate Data Preparation

We confidently connect and import data from multiple data sources- from files, feeds, databases, cloud drives, API /connectors, popular business applications, and even in-house apps

We leverage Tableau Prep and extensions to make the ETL process more fluid, customizable, and quickly get data in a usable format.

We optimally use Tableau’s Data Engine to analyze millions of rows of data in seconds.

We seamlessly combine data, pulled in from multiple data sources, to create functional reports.

We provide real-time answers to all your pressing business problems.

Our Implementation Process

Our Tableau consultant guides you through the implementation process consisting of a discovery phase, followed by four implementation phases, over the course of 10 weeks.

Tableau Consulting Services

We Create Stunning Visualizations

We use creativity and innovation to build compelling, insightful, and actionable dashboards, and reports.

The Important Elements We Consider For Efficient Visualization Are

Simplicity: Our dashboards are comprehensive, clear, and simple to use. Loading time: Our queries and scripts are written in a way that facilitates back-end calculations for enhanced performance. Accuracy: We offer multi-level drill down for specific information and do custom calculations to address tougher issues. Design: We ensure our dashboards are designed for the right audience in mind with design and visual cognition best practices. We make optimal use of visual science precepts such as alignment, containment, position, color, proximity, and enclosure to bring out the Wow factor. We also create infographics related to our client’s business needs.

Check how we transformed a decent sales dashboard into an exceptional one with our creative and innovative representation of facts

Tableau Consulting Services
Tableau Consulting Services
Tableau Consulting Services

We Facilitate Seamless Tool Migration

  • If you don’t have a BI tool, we help you migrate from Excel or from another tool to Tableau, to fulfil all your Business Intelligence requirements.
  • We implement, maintain, and customize the migrated tools to make the transition extremely easy and effective.

This is what makes us the right choice for Tableau consulting services




successful implementations


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Tableau Consulting Services

We keep your data safe

We help you configure Tableau Server to share data across your organization with complete confidence so both your data and your analytics are governed, secure, and accurate.

Tableau Consulting Services

We offer a personalized and agile approach

We work closely with you throughout the process and seek constant feedback to deliver as per your expectations.

Tableau Consulting Services

We give out of the box solutions

We help you get the most out of Tableau with innovative, scalable solutions- whenever you hit a roadblock.

Tableau Consulting Services

We are flexible

We are available with support for quick ad hoc sync-ups and adding improvements to the solution on the fly.

Client Testimonials

From the start of our conversations, I knew they were well-versed for the project we wanted through Tableau. Nabler’s team and work are seamless – they are not just a vendor, but a partner!!

~ Heather Ball, VP, Global Network Research Manager, Havas Worldwide

Our work

We helped a leading US based company migrate and organize their scattered Excel reporting to a centralized repository with our revolutionary end-to-end automation with Tableau,Download the case study.

Become a world-class data-driven organization with us.