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Reducing tag auditing QA efforts by 80% and increasing accuracy through Selenium.

The Need

The client is a leading home improvement products provider in the United States, Canada and Mexico with over 1,800 physical stores and a website that offers 500,000+ products. Tag auditing for the website was an intensive everyday activity for the client, for which it entrusted Nabler.

Nabler conducted manual tag auditing for different browsers and their versions. Auditing process involved performing quality check for multiple pages, which took a huge time to get the task completed. An analyst had to perform the task by going to every URL on different browsers and getting the values that were fired for each page.

The time and effort consumed for each task was very high due to which additional resources had to be involved. Nabler came up with an automation solution to reduce the tag auditing time, efforts, and errors.

About Client

Nabler helped a US Based leading home improvements product provider with tag auditing for its website through automation. This helped the client’s team to have their results much faster and it provided the flexibility to perform improved work.

The Solution

Tool Selection

  • It’s free of cost and ready-to-use tool
  • It can run multiple URLs/audits as required across different browsers
  • Interactive links can be checked by recording the session and playing it across different browsers 70% of the client’s QA efforts can be automated using Selenium

Implementation and QA automation

Using the documentation for Selenium Automation and WebDriver we automated the process of crawling through multiple URLs and captured the values using an external Web Debugger (Fiddler, HTTP Fox). We were also able to automate scenario-based auditing, e.g., searching specific keywords, filling up a form, etc. The entire audit was able to run for any browser.

Our Approach

  • Added Selenium Automation tool integrated with WebDriver. (WebDriver provided us the option to run the audit for different browsers.)
  • Recorded the audit scenarios using Selenium Automation.
  • Linked the Java tool Eclipse to make our recorded session run as a script.
  • Tested the automated and manual results and found we have achieved 100% accuracy through the automated process.
  • After editing the script we ran the updated version from Selenium WebDriver for different browsers.

The Benefits

  • At the end of the automation, stakeholders were delighted to have their results much faster and it provided the flexibility to perform improved work.
  • Our time taken for the audit was reduced by 80% and we were getting 100% accurate results as there was minimal manual effort required.
  • We increased the audits performed on a weekly basis and added more dynamics to the analytics and observations.
  • We also ran the audit for the entire website and got the result for the tag missing pages. This helped us improve our proactive work for our clients.
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