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Our Workflow

Implementation Process Flow

Get a blueprint of the tagging structure for analytics implementation

Mapping of technical requirements to your business needs.
Documentation of the processes for tag requests, approvals, and deployments to help support Data governance.
Easy access to all stakeholders for collaboration post deployment.
A comprehensive and detailed SDR document with KPIs and metrics mapped to an end goal.

Get your tags collected and deployed for confident decisions

Data layer deployment for websites and SDK deployment for mobile apps for acceleration of marketing technologies.
Configuration and deployment of new tags (including complicated marketing tags) with the necessary ownership information.
Testing, Reviewing and, Publishing tags to minimize data leakage and performance issues.
Monitoring of tags to ensure they continue firing as required until the end of the tag lifecycle.
Compliance with GDPR and CCPA for consumer privacy and 100% data security. (None of your data is sent to other servers or third parties).

Get third party pixel tracked for an accurate user journey

  • Direct collaboration with your tag vendor to ensure a timely, successful deployment.
  • Deployment and management of marketing pixels so that you can attribute the right conversions.

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We enable tag migration

Tweaking of the tracking codes while migrating the tags.
Comparison of different Tag manager systems based on your requirements to find the best fit.
Migration of the codebase from website to Tag manager systems or, from one TMS to another.
Seamless and efficient tag migration from one platform to another without compomising on data quality.
Coordination with stakeholders for clarification on data sources to capture the data in the web analytics tools.

We give you the major enterprise tag management vendor advantage

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Our tag manager implementation strategy enables a US-based apparel brand to increase their website analytics tool usage by 200% Read the case study.

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