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Tealium iQ – A Key Component Of Your Digital Marketing Cloud

The goal of every marketer to is deliver a digital experience that will drive user engagement, lead conversion and, ultimately, the bottom-line. To create a digital experience that will deliver the desired results, the marketer needs to understand his target’s habits and expectations. A tag management solution (TMS), such as Tealium iQ, can help marketers achieve this objective.

What is a Tag?

To understand the purpose and role of a TMS, we must first understand the meaning of a tag. A tag is code, usually JavaScript, placed in theof a web page. They are used extensively in digital marketing and analytics. They can perform specific tasks such as:

Instruct browsers to gather data
Share data with third-party applications
Integrate third-party content (videos, ads, widgets, etc.) into a page
Set cookies

Depending on the business requirement and marketing strategies, a site can have a few dozen to several hundred tags. This brings along several challenges related to implementation agility, data quality, and performance. Tag Management Solutions evolved to meet these myriad challenges and make tag management simpler for technical as well as non-technical users.

What is Tealium iQ?

Several companies offer solutions that take care of challenges related to tag management. One such organization is Tealium, a leader in real-time unified marketing solutions. It helps users integrate their silo applications and data seamlessly. Their award-winning TMS, known as Tealium iQ, enables digital marketers to execute their campaigns successfully and gather extensive data about their visitors without the assistance of IT experts.

How does Tealium iQ work?

Tealium’s TMS acts as a container for all the code that sits on your site as well as actions that are triggered based on specific events. For example, when a visitor clicks on a button on a specific page, the system triggers some scripts or tags that notify you in some way or the other (emails, analytics tool, etc.). Thus, you will be able to enjoy superior tracking, reporting, analysis and much more through Tealium iQ.

How can Tealium iQ benefit you?

Improve your site performance: Tealium’s TMS can decide when to fire a tag. For example, the solution can launch a tag based on the web page visited or a visitor’s first visit. As fewer tags are launched, there is lesser load on the system, thereby reducing the chances of an error. By loading tags intelligently, you can boost your site’s performance. This could guarantee a better customer experience and, inevitably, higher conversion rates.

Simple GUI: Tealium iQ has a simple interface that gives the marketer direct and complete control over the tags. The marketers can add, modify, or delete tags as per their requirement. They do not need code-level access to execute these actions.

Active Tag Management: With Tealium iQ users can monitor traffic and performance in real-time to detect and deactivate problem tags. While the tag might stop functioning, the site will keep on ticking ensuring that business goes on as usual.

Protect your customer’s privacy: As privacy becomes the buzzword, enhance your customer’s faith by providing them more choice in managing their privacy preferences. You can comply with global privacy regulations and data governance laws effortlessly.

Achieve integrated marketing: Through Tealium iQ, you can get your various applications to work together and in harmony to produce astounding results. You can capture every unique visitor’s data from multiple points of collection and combine multi-device profiles to gain a 360-degree view of your customer. You would also achieve your organization’s omni-channel marketing goals. Nabler is a Tealium Partner and our certified experts can help you implement Tealium iQ or help you with better tag management. Please contact us to learn more.

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