Give your customers the best buying experience with Terns The User Journey mapping tool

Our journey mapping tool helps you map your entire customer journey and get all the critical information about their key interactions through intuitive Data Visualization.

Intuitive Visualization

Terns uses the most common and clearly interpretable Sankey diagram to represent the user flow path so you can effortlessly gain insights on user site navigation.

High Flexibility

The Product offers a wide range of filters and options to slice and dice the data with custom breakdown variables and audience segments.

Accurate & Unsampled Data

The data shown is accurate, unsampled and straight from BigQuery. Terns leverages the full potential of GA Premium by making use of the unsampled data to gain insights.

Automated Data Refresh From BigQuery

Terns fetches data automatically from BigQuery with the help of standard APIs. The data is automatically retrieved and stored in a database for processing at regular intervals.

Offline & Third Party Source Integration

Terns allows you to develop custom applications that connect directly with your third-party software so that you can add features and draw data(campaign data, sales data etc) for making more informed descisions.

Cloud Based Solution

Terns is a cloud based solution accessible from anywhere. It is hosted on a reliable and secure infrastructure.

Zero Maintenance

Terns is completely hosted on the cloud. It is owned and managed by Nabler, keeping the maintenance worries off your shoulders.

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