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Enhanced User Navigation with Nabler

The client

The client is a leading global provider of legal, regulatory and business information and analytics that help customers increase productivity, improve decision-making and outcomes. They are headquartered in NY, USA. They are experts in the legal research field, delivering powerful, new decision tools to customers by applying machine learning, natural language processing, visualization, and artificial intelligence to their global legal database.

The need

Having a lead-gen website, with significant content on product / service pages, there was a need to identify the unseen barriers on these key pages, to give the users a seamless navigational experience with an easier access to the product pages.

The challenge

With multiple business websites, hosted under the same domain as sub-domains, users reaching the site (specifically to the home page)were led to the Gateway Page (GW Page) before being directed to the home page of the specific business they chose. But data showed that among 100% of the users reaching the home page, only 8% of users reached the product pages. Worse yet, 54% of the users bounced off.

Enhanced User Navigation with Nabler

Our observation

We observed that a majority of the 8% of the users who were able to reach the product pages, did so using the “Featured Products” image links available in the 6th fold of the home page and the top navigation. It indicated that people tried to search for the product links within the first few folds of the home page looking for links to the product pages, got frustrated and left the site

Enhanced User Navigation with Nabler

The opportunity

With our exploratory analysis, we offered the client a valuable opportunity to understand the navigation pattern behind the users who reached the product pages versus those that did not.

Our approach

We suggested moving the products section higher, between the first and second fold to gain more visibility. We hoped that if the user intent to convert is the same, making the products section visible to more users to increase the conversions. Finally, the below design was implemented.

Enhanced User Navigation with Nabler

Link images and brief description for products were brought up to the 2nd fold to increase visibility.

The impact

The client noticed a huge increase in users moving from homepage to products page and saw a 90% increase in conversions period over period and a 149% increase YoY. The results were as per our expectation of the outcome of the change in the design, with increased visibility to the product links section and increased conversions.

Enhanced User Navigation with Nabler Enhanced User Navigation with Nabler


“These guys do some amazing work, which helps us track lot of changes that keep happening on our website. The team is proactive and a very enthusiastic bunch. Really appreciate the partnership with Nabler.”

Enhanced User Navigation with Nabler

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