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A UX research customer success story

Product detail page research for a global apparel brand

The Brand

A global clothing brand


Not knowing what content on the product detail page is relevant to shoppers

The placement of reviews and the ability to filter them were not intuitive

Layout and format of the page was not optimal for user engagement and discovery

Sizing and fit details were not easily understood by the users

Our design approach


The primary objective was to improve usability and the user experience on key product pages.


A series of 45 tasks in the Benchmark Study and 22 in the Validation Study were written around the following Key Challenges (identified above) in an unbiased format to reveal the current user’s experience, feedback, and a path to improvements.

Levis Scripts
Levis Target
Target Demographic

Audience specific participants were recruited based on: Brand Awareness, Gender, Income, Device, and Geographic Location. The participants who made it through the first screening process were further filtered based on 3 screener questions in the Benchmark Study and 4 screener questions in the Validation Study for further participant refinement.

The Study Process

Benchmark Research – We ran a remote usability study with users in the target audience demographic to identify the usability pain points in the product detail page.

Interactive Prototype – Based on our benchmark learnings and client feedback we created four interactive prototype pages to be used in our validation testing on both desktop and mobile.

Validation Research – For validation, we ran a moderated usability study to validate our learnings and provide recommendations for further optimization.

Analysis and recommendations

Key observations and trends were compiled by UX Research Analysts. Top key learnings from the validation test are as follows (For results from each of the steps *Click Here*):

  • Move the Review Filters Above the ‘Most Helpful Reviews’ Section.
  • Reduce the Page Margins on the Pros & Cons Containers.
  • Link to Other Items in the Outfit Displayed.
  • Display Color Options Close to Pictures to See Changes.
  • Include A Fit Bar Description in the Header.
  • Include written details in visuals.
Levis Analysis

Outcome from the Validation Study

CLICK HERE for outcomes from the Benchmark Study

Levis Outcome

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