Datorama Consulting Service

Datorama’s platform is designed to make marketing analytics as seamless as possible. It automates data integration helping you and your team focus more on generating insights.


Datorama’s SaaS platform gives users the ability to connect all of their marketing data from different sources to form a single source for effective reporting and monitoring campaign performances. Datorama’s best-in-class combination of end-to-end data management, machine learning (AI) technology, and high-performance architecture makes it simple for data-driven marketers of all experience levels to connect, unify, analyze and act on all of their marketing data.

Why Datorama?
  • Setting up your Datorama platform is extremely simple. Use your credentials to start communicating with your data.
  • Being an open platform, Datorama integrates with many APIs to get data for visualisations and reports.
  • It’s real-time visibility allows you to instantly analyse campaign performance
The Nabler Advantage

Nabler offers you a powerful combo of design, engineering, and analytics to deliver highly accurate and insightful dashboards that help you make timely data-centric decisions. We are the dashboard people — we are among the first few in the industry who have pioneered the art and science of designing dashboards that speak volumes in a brief glance. We have designed thousands of practical and useful dashboards for hundreds of our clients. With our hand on the pulse of the digital analytics industry, we will be the right partner for you for visualization solutions.

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